Coming to iOS14.

Enter Summer 2021

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All Your Notes In One Place

Forget folder heirarchies-- store all your ideas in one place so they can live and grow together. If you keep all of your ideas in one place, then you only have one place to search later.

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iPhone Feature 02

Dynamic Filtering

Attach any number of tags to your notes so you can filter find them later. Use the tags to build your own mental model around your ideas, empowering you to think more clearly, and also build connections between the different parts of your life.

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iPhone Feature 03

Focus On The Writing

We believe that the only thing that matters is the actual writing. Focus on articulating your ideas first, and export your writing into another tool to refine the formatting later.

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iPhone Feature 04

Write Rapidly

Enjoy the experience of Text Messaging your ideas? We built a messenger user-interface for you to dump your ideas into. Think brain dump... just get the ideas out of your head rapidly, and worry about the rest later.

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iPhone Feature 05

Create Any Tag You Want

Create Topic Tags and Reference Tags to build your network. Assign any color to personalize your display, and build more associations into your network.