Potential Positives to come from COVID-19

March 29, 2020

Current Events
Makes You Think

Let it be emphasized right off the bat: I do not think that a global pandemic is a good thing. I feel a tremendous amount of sorrow for those who suffer with COVID-19. Anything that has the potential to wipe out 3% of the world's population is not something to consider good. "Population control" is not a thing and it definitely does not apply when everyone and their spouse is isolated at home with nothing to do but make new babies. The post-Corona baby boom is coming.

It is still within the first month of the reaction, and no one knows what the near future holds. Some sources believe it will be over soon, and some say we are in it for the long haul. It is the work of chaos at its finest. Everyone is living day-to-day towards the unknown. Not knowing when they will return to work, or when they can get their next hair cut. Chaos.

However, like everything else, there is order that will come from the chaos. Order that had not existed prior, and hopefully will stay once this has passed. Here is a running list of positive things I think have the potential to come from COVID-19:

‣ The world comes together to solve a collective problem. Countries share resources and organizations share research. Relationships formed through hard times continue to exist in a post-Corona world.


‣ Businesses are forced to innovate. Companies that had been too comfortable for the past 20 years are now being forced to generate revenue streams in creative ways. Mostly innovating to provide a larger online presence. Delivery services get and stay better.


‣ Businesses and employees both learn how to effectively work from home. A lot of people can be more productive working from home. This pandemic is forcing companies to introduce communication over the internet which is a great thing. I would even enjoy a setup where I work from home in the morning and go into the office in the afternoon. Whichever way you and your employer feel you get the best work done. It will work better when the communication infrastructure is there, it is easy to use, and is built into businesses processes.


‣ Schools are forced to innovate how they present educational material. If you can find a way to focus at home, having the ability to pause, rewind, or fast forward through a lecture far outweighs any positives that can come from sitting in a lecture hall. Especially if instructers can find a way to innovate to bring an even better online learning experience.


‣ People learn how to do the things they paid other people to do before such as cook, entertain themselves, cut their dog's hair, and even going to the gym. At the gym, you are paying someone else to create an environment for physical training. Knowing how to effectively do things at home, even when things return to normal, is beneficial for your pocket. I never had an at-home exercise routine until now, and now it is in place to last well after this is over. I'm sure a lot of people won't continue their gym membership once this is over because they have found a way to do the same thing for free. Now apply that idea across the board.


‣ The government is paying for everyone to get caught up. If you find yourself with a lot of free time because you're out of work, you can get caught up on a lot of things. This even applies to companies where business is slow. This is a chance for leaders to take a break from operations and plan for the future - while still getting cheques from the government. Recuperate. Most companies, and individuals, will rebound with a much larger growth rate after this is over. 


‣ The rich will get a lot richer off of this. This is not a bad thing. The rich spend the most money, which means they potentially make the most change and add the most value. Yes, money is definitely in the wrong hands, but it is also in the right ones. If the rich have more money, they build more things that can be used by others. Think of the large companies people work at having more money to build better offices.


‣ Planes don’t fly. Cars run less. People generally just consume less! There is a consumption equation at play that had been off balance for a long time. It gives everything a quick breather. A lot of things repair themselves in the absence of harm.


‣ There is a lot of funding going towards medical research right now, that can't be a bad thing.


‣The general public becomes more health-conscious.


‣ More people should want to spread out from the city. During times like this, it is awesome to be in a community environment. This is a small part of a larger transition to spread people out.


‣ Most things go on sale! And it will continue to be on sale well after this is over because everyone will be still recuperating their losses. Businesses and even individuals get rid of things that serve little value to them, at a much lower price. This goes back to what it was like to trade before currency. Everyone trades value at a less common rate. "One man's junk is another man's treasure" is in way more of an effect right now.


‣ It is a wake-up call for the next pandemic. One that could be much worse than this one. Hopefully, the whole world learns from this and will know how to better leverage the next one.