In Case You Didn't Know: Reddit

April 27, 2020


And my own personal award for the 'Best Place on the Internet' goes to...


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I'm sure you've heard of Reddit already, but for those who haven't, let me try to convince you why you should check it out. 


Reddit, what is it?


I'm not an expert on Reddit and I probably don't use all of its functionality, but I still get more than I need from it.


At its core, it is a network of communities (or forums) separated around different topics of interest. Each separate community is called a 'subreddit' and there is an endless amount of them. For just about any particular topic you could be interested in, there's a subreddit community. There is even a subreddit called 'r/MechanicalKeyboards' with 564,000 members and it is filled with posts that are strictly dedicated to mechanical keyboards. I'm not saying you should join that one but you get the point.


One of the best parts about Reddit is the use of rules and moderators. Each subreddit has a list of rules that govern what can be posted, and has dedicated moderators that make sure the rules are enforced. Most of the rules are there to make sure that each post is actually related to a particular topic and not just shitposts. At least some order is necessary for progress here.


Reddit, how do I use it?


There are two main ways I use Reddit: As a search tool, and as an interactive news outlet. Even if you don't want to be an active user on the platform, you can still benefit quite a lot from it.


Reddit as a Search Tool


Not everyone is going to use Reddit as a news outlet, and I understand that. However, everyone can still use it as a search tool.


It's simple. Next time you're having a hard time getting your question answered on Google, just add 'reddit' to the end of it.


From there you will (most likely) see a list of different threads that have been posted on related subreddits asking the same question you are asking. Remember when you used to search a question with Google and hunt down the yahoo answers link? Well, this is that, but better, in my opinion. It just happens that most people who are active on Reddit are really good at answering tough questions. Basically the way I think of it is that they have already searched the internet and then present only the best information they have found. It just cuts to the point and saves you the time to go out and find it yourself.


If this doesn't work for your particular query, your query is the problem.


Reddit as an Interactive News Outlet


Socials like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter not feeling productive enough right now? Try Reddit once and a while. Your experience will be tailored to the different communities you have joined instead of the people you follow. It's the best way to take control of the content you see on a news feed. If you want to learn something on the internet, or gain useful ideas, you have control by joining the right subreddits.


My subjective opinion is that the consistency of quality content on Reddit is unmatched. Active users on Reddit put more effort into their posts than I've seen on any other social platform. Not to mention that a lot of Reddit is just re-posting or sharing of the best quality content from other sources.

Some of my favourite subreddits are: