A Message To A Younger Me

April 23, 2020

Personal Dev
Makes You Think

I know you didn’t ask but I have some advice that you might like to hear.

Here it is: acquaint yourself with as much information you can find.


Get acquainted with the things that are going on in the world, or have happened in the world. Go on a rampage looking all over the internet for cool stuff that interests you.


Don’t be stressed on memorizing anything. Just look at everything enough to get familiar with the fundamentals of the idea.


Think of it like a water bottle (Tao To Ching, Chapter 4).


You’re not trying to fill up the bottle with information and keep it filled forever— that's useless. There is a very good chance that what you're filling the bottle up with now is unusably contaminated anyway, so there is no point holding onto it. The truth changes every minute, don't try to capture it or pin it down.


What you are trying to do is make an efficient bottle that can be emptied and filled when needed. Life does not come down to how full your bottle is— the wisest people have the most empty bottles (that's what peace is). Life comes down to how usable the bottle is at any moments notice. If your bottle is full with one substance it is not so useful for another. You only get one bottle and emptying it out to make room for another substance wastes a lot of time.


One more time: don’t worry about memorizing specific things, just be aware of the fundamental idea. Without realizing it, you will be making connections between everything you see and will be creating a space for them in your memory that can be filled and emptied at a moments notice. This would be piecing together a bigger bottle with the ideas you have mined from the internet. You just have to be acquainted with the ideas out there before you can piece them together. Math, science, philosophy, history, psychology, important people, all of it. Life is long and the truth changes every second; don't specialize, you won't be satisfied. 


The only way to do this effectively is looking at all these things with pure curiosity with no personal desires attached. Desires such as the desire to make lots of money, the desire to look cool, the desire to be admired, the desire to be better than anyone. Drop all those. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself going down rabbit holes that will attract your attention to the wrong things and will waste more time as you look in circles. Look at them with a child’s curiosity. Kids aren’t fascinated by things because they can make money off them, they are simply trying to learn more about the world. That’s the biggest problem with social media— it doesn’t have to be bad, but most accounts know that to get people’s attention, it’s best to post things that excite people’s desires (mainly money, sex, and drugs).


Then when you have a good idea with what’s going on in the world, you can start to piece yourself into it. Or even better, let the world piece you into it. From what I can tell, your piece in the world is defined by how your particular human configuration can best help the world. More particularly, how your unique set of circumstances can best aid all of life in the progression towards less unnecessary suffering. This won't come all at once and it takes a good part of a lifetime. It’s hard to hear, and it’s not intuitive right now. People learn from their environment and a lot of people everywhere are acting out to fulfil their own desires. That is for sure. Everyone serves their own desire-filled purpose, and we create an array of lies to maintain our idea as true. Creating those arrays and keeping track of them slows time down. The people that are at peace have found a way to drop them and it allows them to realize what is true effortlessly. Remember, peace is the goal here, not happiness. All of this is important to note because it requires complete trust in this idea (that's what the religious word 'faith' was intended to represent).


Start searching the internet and find the sources you like that will actually tell you the things that help you grow into that, not into someone that just wants money and admiration. Like so many others, my favourite is Joe Rogan. He has plenty of guests that come on and share their knowledge and experience, and they make it entertaining. Most others out there just want to sell you on something. They aren't talking to you, they're talking to the desires that control you. But those desires aren't you because you can get rid of them and still be you.