May 28, 2020


Welcome to your new quick note-taking solution.


↪ Enter notes quickly.


↪ Categorize your notes with tags to keep your digital mind organized,

& use these tags to filter your notes for easy look-up.


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Round 1 Features

Rapid Fire Writing



You know when you have too much to say, but don't know how to get it out? You have a lot of ideas but you just don't know how to structure your thoughts. Well, here is a solution!


It is like texting your notebook.


Going into the edit tab will allow you to reorder, merge, edit or delete your points.

  • ↪ Move individual point(s) up and down the note by selecting the point and tapping the up/down arrows in the toolbar.
  • ↪ Select multiple points and merge them into one paragraph.

When you are finished in this view, hit 'enter' to save your thoughts into one note.


View & Edit Your Notes




Once you have clicked 'enter' and have entered the note, you will be brought to a list of your notes— sorted by date. Click on any of the notes to be brought to the single note view.


Once in this view, you can edit it in that screen, or press the pencil icon in the top right corner to be brought back to the rapid-fire writing style view.


Categorize with Tags & Books


Attach tags & books to your note to make connections between ideas and the things you want to remember. The attachments are fully customizable: enter the tag name, or book title & author, and use a colour picker to choose any colour you desire for your attachment. You have the ability to organize your notes in your own unique way.


You can use these attachments to find your notes later. Filter your search by selecting the tags & books you want to see and find exactly what you're looking for more quickly than current solutions.


Export Your Notes


When you are done with a note or would like to view it on another platform. Click the share button in the bottom right corner to send your notes to anywhere on your device that will receive it.


Or, export your notes as a text file or CSV to be opened in programs like Microsoft Word or Excel.


Hopeful Future Features


The possibility for upcoming features are endless and are primarily user-driven. Join the discussion on Reddit to vote on which features you want next. Features such as:

  • ↪ Ability to upload images & video
  • ↪ Search
  • ↪ Reminders
  • ↪ Sub-tags & Book Chapters
  • ↪ Podcast Attachment
  • ↪ et cetera.


Release Strategy


Phase 1

To raise money, and to get feedback from initial users, I am releasing the product exclusively to the iOS App Store for mobile devices with a primitive feature-set. This is your chance to buy into the product at an early stage.


Phase 2

If demand is there, I will hire developers to replicate the app for the Google Play Store for mobile devices.


Phase 3

If a solid user base is formed around the mobile app, the next step is bringing the enter experience to tablet and desktop devices.