May 7, 2021


This project is split up into three entities: Enter, Maurs, and EnterMaurs.

The first is Enter, and that is where the project started. Enter is a mobile application for transcribing thought into written expression. Right now, in Version 1, we have features for users to write down their thoughts in plain text. In future versions, one can imagine the same principles applying to voice memos, rich-text, drawings, and beyond.

Next is Maurs, named after Marcus Aurelius. Marcus is the figure-head for Entering. If you don’t know, Marcus Aurelius was arguably one of the most powerful man in the world as the Emperor of Rome in early century AD, but more importantly he was a grand-master Enterer. We know this today from his book Meditations, which was his daily journal where he would write his thoughts down in pure written language. Every time I pick up this book, I am amazed at the thoughts that he had, and what he was able to do with his words to explore his philosophy or his ideas about life.

To be honest, originally the third entity, EnterMaurs, was formed because I could not secure for either Enter or Maurs on their own. So, I had to combine them. But, this turned into a happy outcome. EnterMaurs is us. It is the corporation and the community behind the vision and mission. It is the team that desires to enter the mind of Marcus Aurelius, and other great thinkers alike, to tap into their philosophy and how they used it.

You can think of Maurs as the philosophy, Enter as the tool/resource, and EnterMaurs is the animated story that plays out when you combine the two. EnterMaurs therefore has the goal to do more than just provide tools (even though we do that well), EnterMaurs has the goal to teach people how to use the tools, and to form a community that helps each other to Enter more.

I want EnterMaurs to be a company that does more than provide the tools, but also creates a culture and a community around the act of Entering, whether it be the act of meditating into a journal, or writing down thoughts that can go on to change the world. I want EnterMaurs to be the figure that represents the mission we are on.

The mission can not stop here. Due to Enter being compatible with Apple devices only, it is also part of the mission to bring Enter capabilities to everyone around the globe. Which means getting Apple devices in the hands of brothers and sisters in places that currently don’t have access. But not only devices, I want EnterMaurs to have the mission to go to these areas to help build a library of resources for inspiration, along with the education of language.

There was a moment in Francis Ngannou’s Joe Rogan Episode where he said, “The biggest problem with people in [Africa] is that they don’t have a dream. Most of these people, if you ask them “What is your dream? Where would you like to be in 5 years from now? “, they do not know. They have no dream, or goal, or plan for improvement.”

I believe that bringing EnterMaurs to these areas can greatly help in their abilities to articulate their dreams, goals, and plans, to bring real change to areas that need it. I believe that if you give someone the ability to articulate, cultivate and build onto their thoughts and aspirations, they can improve on their own.

I have hundreds of thoughts and Entered notes on how I see the future of Enter and what it can be. Including custom education applications (EnterEducation), custom business solutions (EnterEnterprise). To even more general technologies such as advanced AI that can deliver powerful insights, to a complete social network, to advanced gamification that can gamify the entire Enter and education experience.

Finally, the Logo.

The logos is what Marcus Aurelius is all about. The up-and-to-the-right arrow that you see all over the brand, is a very strong logo that reflects forward and upward movement/progression. Horizontal and vertical progression. We want to be increasing, and “moving-up” in things. Improving and broadening. But we must do that over time. That is direction we go: Forward and Up.