Explanation of the Favicon

April 27, 2020

Personal Dev
Makes You Think

The favicon is the little icon you see beside the website’s URL. I thought I might as well make one that represents something because that’s what corona lockdown has done to me.


To me, the icon you see represents a draft version of what I hope to be the underlying motivation for anything I do going forward.


All of the concepts I will discuss are in no way my own ideas. They are ideas that have always existed and I mostly came across them through the Tao te Ching, and the symbol is basically just an attempt at modernizing symbols within the yin-yang.



The Black and White Circle


The circle object represents the material universe we live in.


The black within it represents chaos or the unknown. The things that we aren’t aquatinted with, the things that scare us, but also the things that lead to new opportunities for discovery (to be put into order).


The white (growing and spreading from the centre) is the order in the universe. It is what we know, what we are comfortable with, and what we understand.


Don’t only think on the massive scale of the universe for this. The relationship between order and chaos goes down to the most basic foundation of everything.


An example: Human health. For a lot of people, there is a lot of chaos going on in their body. Why do they have a certain disease? What is causing it? There has to be something, but it’s unknown. This is where you start to see that chaos leads to suffering. More in particular, ‘unnecessary suffering’. Dying of old age is orderly; we expect and understand it. It is still suffering, but it is necessary suffering so we come to peace with it.


You start to see that establishing more order or understanding can lead to less unnecessary suffering.


The path to peace is understanding. Once you fully understand something you come to peace with it. I believe the true life aim is to reach peace (going to heaven is a name for this), and I believe doing that requires putting things into order in one's own life. Through that, you will naturally progress the collective human understanding towards a world with more order and therefore less unnecessary suffering.


The Purple Waves


For me, the purple represents that the path to peace and understanding, and the actual truth, is in the balance between good (blue) and evil (red). Back to the health example; a lot of people will say “oh sugar is evil. It’s addicting and causes nothing but harm to the body”. When actually the answer is somewhere in the middle of that. Sugar can be good if you consume it in its natural form, or before doing physical activity and isn’t harmful when you use it properly. The truth is not good or evil it just Is.


The squiggly lines are waves and they represent that the path to understanding and order isn’t straight. The truth isn’t a straight line. It moves like water. The truth is defined by the exact circumstance you’re in. “Thou shall not kill” isn’t true if your gun is pointed towards Hitler in 1940. The truth moves with each circumstance, the way water takes the shape of its container. You can’t grab water for more than a moment and you can’t define the truth for more than a moment, so don’t try to. Remember, a 'moment' is a very brief period of time, and on the cosmic scale that can be any arbitrary amount of time. Don’t say “thou shall” do anything because the truth doesn’t work like that with respect to time, it moves into each circumstance as something different. John 5:16-21 is about this if that is how you would like to understand it.


Finally, the 3 lines represent that the truth is bound within the circumstances of past, present and future.


Other concepts within the icon such as the purple surrounding the circle, the white glow and dark shadow radiating off the waves, and the noisy gradient within the circle is all intended and is up for your interpretation.


As I said, I didn’t come up with any of this. I just photoshopped my own version of displaying it.


I said at the beginning that I hope this will be the underlying motivation for anything I do going forward. What that means is that I want to work on things that help progress the collective consciousness towards more understanding and less unnecessary suffering. Whatever that may be. Right now I see that as going into a career in A.I. to do my small part in advancing the understanding of intelligence. You can see it unfolding already in the real world. For example, look at Tesla's self-driving car capability. Suffering with an injury in a crash is being proven to be unnecessary in the future with the advancement of self-driving cars. But that is just one example. Just smiling at your neighbour puts the world in a little more order than it was before. Or as Jordan Peterson likes to say, just making your bed every morning is a good start.